Outdoor Shop

The owner wanted this shop to have an old-fashion look. We extended the front gable soffit to resemble an old barn. This is used by the home owner as a private shop. It also has plenty of room for storage.


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House #3

This home was created after several meetings with the home owners. We were able to take their ideas, draw them on paper, and turn them into a reality. With over 3,000 square feet of living space, the home features an open floor plan. The tiles were arranged in a diagonal pattern which added nice detail to the master bathroom.




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House #2

This house was constructed using the home owner’s floor plan.  By adding a reverse gable over the front door, we were able to add additional detail and highlight the front entry.  The back of the home shows a deck and a fully finished walk-out basement.

House #1

By taking multiple pictures of different details of home from magazines, we were able to draw one final blueprint. This is the final design. We added the brows around the whole house, the columns, and scalloped cement siding on the gables along with an additional gable over the garage to create a different look. The back is shown with a full deck and walk-out basement.



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